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04 May

Fashion and Blogs

      When blogging started as part of an internet activity. it was more of one way communication. Later, interactive features were added, making blogs more potent than ever. Reader’s comments on blogs helped spread the word from the horse’s mouth. Blogging is an important activity now, with popular

30 Apr

Australian Apparel

    Australia’s apparel retails industry has come across umpteen challenges in the past few years. One of the major downsides is that clothing retail in Australia does not have widespread reach. The industry is fragmented and there are several small and independent operators, which has left significant percentage of

21 Apr

Evolution of Burqa

      With the revolution that the fashion industry has gone through, the burqas have become designer apparel. The prices, global production, demand and designs all have changed. The curious mix of cultures has led to reinvention of these traditional attires. The simple burqa has also gone through some

18 Apr


    The ‘apparel’, ‘clothing’, ‘garment’, ‘fashion’ and ‘lifestyle’ industries have undergone significant changes since the beginning of the new century. With the dismantling of the quotas since 2005, exporters of apparel are free from restrictions of quotas and only competitiveness through ‘scale’, ‘quality’ and ‘innovation’ matter now. The other