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COUTURE TRIVIA -‘ Celebrating Vivaha’

23 Mar



COUTURE TRIVIA attempts to contribute to this new phase in fashion, which is marked by evolution of new technologies and coming forth of designers who are ready to think out of the box. In its own capacity, the team of designers at Couture Trivia, will unleash a range of fashionable clothes, which are an outcome of a new vision of fashion.


The products of COUTURE TRIVIA are going to bring about a radical change in the world of fashionable clothes. These products are specifically targeted at the fashion audience. COUTURE TRIVIA is trying to widen the scope of fashion and make it cross every barrier of culture and ethnicity. It attempts to bind people through fashion.


COUTURE TRIVIA will be unveiling collection of its reputed fashion designer clientele at ‘CELEBRATING VIVAAHA’ fashion exhibition to be held at THE ASHOK in New Delhi on April 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It will be a celebration of life and felicity. The event will be game changer for fashion lovers as the exposure which they will have access to will be simply mindboggling.


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