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04 May





When blogging started as part of an internet activity. it was more of one way communication. Later, interactive features were added, making blogs more potent than ever. Reader’s comments on blogs helped spread the word from the horse’s mouth. Blogging is an important activity now, with popular bloggers influencing politics, fashion and every other sphere of society.


Fashion blogs have especially become a way to increase sales, understand customer sentiment and demand, improve product quality and understand future trends for both the buyers and brands. The addition of facilities like uploading photographs,  viewers’ comments and queries, as well as expert opinions on a series of topics have opened up a new interactive platform for bloggers.


Two-way communication is the key to building customer loyalty and bloggers have an advantage of easily building a rapport with their followers. Bloggers, these days, freely post snapshots of events and parties, which help them earn more hits and followers. Also, several fashion and lifestyle brands favour bloggers over magazines because of higher rates of engagement and buying.


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