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28 Apr




Jordan has earned a reputable name worldwide in textile outsourcung. Made in Jordan tags are making a wave in the United States Of America. In 2014, Jordan exported garments worth US$ 1 billion to that country. Overall textile exports account for 20 per cent approximately of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Jordan and the United States Of America signed the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 2001, following which the country’s exports flourished.


After the FTA, the country has easy access to markets of Europe, Arab world, Singapore and the United States Of America. Low -cost and skilled workforce is another factor that goes in favour of the Jordanian textile industry. The Jordanian labour force has proved its versatility in the production of international branded couture and ethnic apparel. The market has shown its adaptability to demand.


The problems and challenges are many for Jordan’s textile sector, but the industries flourish as exports rise and well-known names in apparel sector continue to support and prefer Jordan over other countries.



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