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24 Feb





It shines , but it is not gold! It shimmers, but it is not diamond! It has been spotted during catwalks and has entered high fashion. What is it ? It is Latex clothing that has crossed the boundaries and is no longer limited to diapers, straps etc. Latex was earlier considered as a choice for those who were bold to experiment, but now the contemporary designers have come up with designs including loose fitted garments that has made Latex a desirable must-have in anybody’s wardrobe.


Apart from latex sheet, latex moulded clothing is also used. A moulded latex garment is just as durable as sheet latex. The common thought that all sheet latex is superior to all moulded latex is actually untrue. Sheet latex is preferred method for items like catsuits, as they are easier to create with sheets.


Liquid latex is also used to give unique patterns to clothing. Air drying is a preferable method used in liquid latex. When the liquid latex is used directly on fibre, it can give permanent results. When it is spread on a fibrous  material, it tends to flow both around and through, the individual fibres of the material. The latex adheres very firmly and is permanent.


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  1. Deborah Smooth | May 10, 2017 at 9:51 am

    hi, thanks for sharing this article. first of all, I love the way of describing latex clothes. off course latex clothes are so much durable and give a perfect look to your body.


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