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MALKHA – A Sustainable Handloom

28 Apr





The malkha fabric is immensely appreciated for its unique qualities – the swing, the drape, the ability to breathe, to absorb, to hold colour. The gabric is catching the attention of many a designer, and production has jumped four-fold in the last few years. Using the strength of Indian textile production traditions from the field to the fabric stage, malkha is capturing the fancy of its producers and wearers alike as a successful business model and a sustainable handloom textile.


Combining the softness of mulmul and sturdiness of khadi, malkha fabric is immensely appreciated for its unique qualities. These qualities are acknowledged by people who are involved in its production and fashion designers who have introduced it on world stage in the last couple of years. And it is not just limited to the high and sophisticated sections of society.







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