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RFID application in textile and apparel industry

27 Apr




Radio Frequency Identification device (RFID)  has modernized all the facets of textile and apparel industry from manufacturing level to distribution and retailing. Today, RFID tagging has become the most commonly and widely used wireless technology after mobile phone. According to experts, this technology can help textile and apparel companies save billions of dollars by providing quick and exact data of different items located in different locations at any point of time.


RFID tag is a small wireless chip with radio circuit wherein digital data is encoded. In other words, it is similar to the bar code technology but instead of using optical scanning on the bar codes, radio waves are used to capture the data from the tags.


The textile and the fashion industry were early ones to choose RFID technology. Big brands have adopted this technology and have achieved remarkable benefits. Apparel items are expensive and are many times stolen. Theft takes place at the distribution centre, warehouse, while shipping, when they arrive at the store or when they are being counted. RFID provides greater control and visibility than bar codes as items are automatically counted at each step of the supply chain.


RFID technology is a useful tool for textile and apparel goods at every stage. The development in nano based  RFID tags will significantly help to promote RFID implementation, not only in textile and apparel industry but also in other commercial companies.






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