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Self Repairing Textiles – a new revolution

27 Apr

self healing


Taking the textile industry a step further to the future of fabrics is the invention of different self-healing materials. The self-healing or the automatic repairing gave rise to the innovative idea of self-repairing textile materials. However, the concept of self-repairing has been common in the plastic, ceramic and metal industries. Increasing the life of assets can be a huge cost saving for the consumers and will become a highly desirable product in any sector. There is a huge buzz around the business of self-repairing products. Re-healable plymers and composites are popular technologies being used to create self-repairing products in metals and ceramics.


Therefore the concept of self-repairing technology has also found its way in to textiles and garments. The ability of a material to heal automatically is the most promising functionality in smart textiles currently in the whole industry. The capability of textiles to do so, can ultimately lead to long lasting products without much maintanence. Such a technology and smart textiles will require fewer resources for structural applications. A novel technology like this has a lot of potential  in the future of smart textiles.


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