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01 May

south silk



Clothing, which was once considererd as a means of covering one’e body, is now considered as a reflection of personality. The clothing industry has come a long way along with the development of fabrics. Unlike few decades ago, when fabric and design suggested cultural inclination, these facets now describe yesteryear’s royalty and modern day’s opulence.


Nothing spells extravagance like silk does. India’s Southern region specialises in production of rich silk yarns that are used in combination with other yarns that are then transformed into awe- inspiring fabrics. India prides itself as the only country that produces all types of silk, made from various types of silk-spinning worms. Mulberry, tussar, eri and munga are special to India. The silk yarn of South India is recognised as authentic and elegant not only in the country but also globally. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are among the leading state producing silk yarn in India.


The silk from the handloom sector of South India is popular among the country’s designers and brands. Handlooms represent approximately 85 per cent of silk consumption in India whereas power looms account for the remaining 15 per cent. India has also initiated production of the bivoltine (silkworm seeds) grade that is suitable for the power looms.


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