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The Future Of Textile and IT

26 Apr

textile and it



The infrastructure of a industry is based as much on technical support system as it is on human resource. The expanding world of flawless machines and superior software programmes has made it mandatory for industries to adapt to technology to communicate with customers, find prospective customers, understand market requirements, keep an inventory and many other aspects. Information technology has brought with it operational efficiency, stronger customer loyalty, better security and higher profitability in the technologically advanced textile and apparel industry.


Information Technology has touched every aspect of the textile and apparel sector. It is required at every step from yarn production to finished product. One of the reasons of increased dependency on IT is the changing demographics and pace of growth in the fast-paced market environment in the Asian subcontinent. There is increased awareness among teenagers and professionals that apart from style statements, clothes also symbolise purchasing power.


The younger population relies heavily on a spectrum of digital platforms to know about the trends , write reviews or compare prices. This section of population relies on social media platforms to look out for best deals and latest ads. Most textile and apparel brands have their own websites and profile pages on popular networking sites. The role of IT is important, as creating impressive web portals and checking online hits are crucial. Information Technology will aid the growth of textile industry in a long way.






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